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I would most certainly recommend this dealership to everyone. They provided me with the most unforgettable and fulfilling car buying experience of my entire life .

I felt every human emotion possible and then some. My salesman (Keith) was brilliant at blowing the smoke up my *** while the Service Manager (Jeff) and Public Relations guy (Tom) surgically rammed the stick up it. The General Manager (Dwayne), safely nestled in his office, was a master at playing the invisible man trick. Magnificent I tell yaw!

Outside of paying a bundle for my car they ensure that you just keep paying and paying through their service methods. And not just out of pocket but time as well. It took three months and seven visits later until I was able to finally get their stick out of my ***. Another dealership pulled that out for me.

Although the hemorrhoids still linger. Heck! WHY wouldn't I recommend this dealership. LMOA.

Click the YouTube video link below or copy and paste it into your web browser for my complete experience.

Or visit the "brokenedmonton channel" on YouTube. Enjoy.

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